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I'm a systems librarian, meaning that I glue together data (preferably open) from lots of different systems (also preferably open).

My digital exhaust leaves footprints! Also, wifi blocks SSH so I needed to tether... BTW, how did I not see you?!?

@madhava @copystar and I were part of the hackfest group that invaded the Adelaide St office on Wednesday morning

@collingsruth That's what the pres was about :) Progress, albeit slow (limited resources). Made some good connections at though!

My presentation on building a linked open dataset of library location and event info:

It figures. My email out-of-office responder is responding to mailing lists. Two systems are down. And I'm at .

@ahitchens I'm at all week! Today was a whirlwind of @olitassoc activity; tomorrow is relatively open (ahhhh).