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I'm a systems librarian, meaning that I glue together data (preferably open) from lots of different systems (also preferably open).

@azraiekv I'm working on a draft of an article with @stacymallison articulating why libraries should consider Wikidata for their linked data platform this weekend, although we're not going to advocate replacing ILSs yet :)

Great hustle to make that play!

I added a few statements, like "instance of: academic library" and "parent organization: Brock University" :)

Libraries are just an example; could be music or chemicals, etc. It's about publishing linked, machine readable data. A page on is visible in 1 language out of 100s; on wikidata, the data is available & query able in every language, like

Awesome! I'll drop those in as an update and credit you for the suggestion.

I love working with CompSci students on deploying a real project and seeing their eyes go wide as you walk them through bash CLI tricks, SSH pubkey authentication, tmux, and methodically debugging the inevitable issues that arise.

Looking good!

I agree in principle! But early career academic is anxious to establish rep in a traditional humanities way (preprints don't even seem to be a thing there yet?). If the journal I suggested isn't a good fit, maybe will work.

@csarven Yep, when the journal refused to accept either a CC license or an author's addendum I found and suggested a zero-APC OA journal in the field (that actually is visible online, what a bonus). Fingers crossed. Don't want the article to disappear into the void.