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I'm a systems librarian, meaning that I glue together data (preferably open) from lots of different systems (also preferably open).

Just learned @aaron_lucs will be part of the "Voices of OER" webinar on March 5th for Open Education Week - - looking forward to it!

Sampled 100 records in our catalogue that use my dumb little "show Wikidata infocard based on an exact name/alias match + band or musician" widget and found 69.8% of the 483 contributors returned matches. Not bad, but authority IDs would be better. If only.

I love working with CompSci students on deploying a real project and seeing their eyes go wide as you walk them through bash CLI tricks, SSH pubkey authentication, tmux, and methodically debugging the inevitable issues that arise.

Trying to help a young academic avoid a totally sketchy journal (I can't find a published issue!) that also demands assignment of copyright. But the pressure to publish is so high, I get it.

Symantec kept asking me to regenerate TLS certs to avoid issues due to browsers having lost trust in their PKI infrastructure. I side-stepped that by moving over to @letsencrypt. Yay!

And if you find that a library is missing from Wikidata, I put together a guide at to help you correct that:

Wow wow wow, @dbrodbeck on @dailytechnewssh yesterday! Enjoying the preshow right now

This was supposed to be attached to the @adr / @redlibrarian thread about meeting celebrities (or not). Just remembered I also met the Littlest Hobo(s) in Brooklin when I was a kid. That was awesome.