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I'm a systems librarian, meaning that I glue together data (preferably open) from lots of different systems (also preferably open).

Last year I put David Suzuki's noodle bowl and chopsticks into the garbage after he left them on the table at a YYZ eatery. I don't blame him, someone started bothering him while he was eating and he clearly wanted to be left alone, so he took off as fast as possible.

Thanks for the @GreaterSudbury open data portal, @HigginsRenee! This sounds like a great addition:

Great Q! I see no license for bibs, just "© OCLC" on Voilà. The FAQ says LAC has joined NACO for English authorities; French authorities will be in VIAF (ODC-BY), and future of CSH is "to be determined".

Canada has a new national union catalogue, Voilà. It's not what I had been hoping for.

Wikidata says: "Here's a tinyurl for your clever SPARQL query!"

/me dutifully pastes the tinyurls into a Wikipedia meetup page

Wikipedia says: "Shortened URLs are the devil's seed! Edit refused!"


Connected with early @LaurentianU MSc Biology students this AM to talk about the modern scholarly publishing world. Dr. John Gunn gave an excellent intro, colour commentary, and advice to students to stay on target!

So I guess we're going to learn about activity-based budgeting at @LaurentianU (like and

Currently mirroring the LoC website to ensure the world will still have access to MARC, MODS, METS, etc documentation, as I did in 2013.

I hope unveiling is being recorded for those who can't attend & available for future @LaurentianU community members. Spoken words provide rich, important context for the brief descriptions in the official plan.