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I'm a systems librarian, meaning that I glue together data (preferably open) from lots of different systems (also preferably open).

Participating in consortial services while consortial members are on strike is troubling. Concerned that I am replacing their labour and undermining their position, but it's complicated, because only some of the people that provide the service at that institution are on strikeā€¦

Damn it I want URIs instead of usernames everywhere

I'm really happy to work with @smallison on things like edit-a-thons, and conferences, and now an article (so close to having wrapped a solid first draft!)

Linkrot is real. Updated a set faculty profile page URLs for people at Brock, Trent, SFU, and McMaster -- all of them broke over the past 3 years with just a 404, no redirect. Only York had 2/3 persistent URIs. Not a good web presence, unis!

Ah! I can help with a free @LetsEncrypt cert and set up the redirects to support HTTPS if you're on a bare Linux VM (I have no XP with hosted platforms though). As I'm sure many more episodes will be rolling out now!

Two more hostnames cut over to @LetsEncrypt, and one musty old host running HTTPS for the first time.


I'm just a lowly Canuck but this thing sounds pretty cool. Maybe we should do something like that here in Canada.

Application submitted January 12th, before deadline of the 15th; still "In review" after 6 weeks. Hmm.

LU CS students and game devs: all of the excellent Apress books in the latest "Code your own games" Humble Bundle ( are available online through @LaurentianLib at (CC @aaron_lucs)