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Elsevier just removed the icons denoting OA, licensed, or paywalled status from ScienceDirect, deliberately. That's… hostile.

@pamryan @janeschmidt Leave It To Beaver for me (thanks CKVR...). Ate lunch at home starting in grade 7.

@KristyRousseau My kids loved the @hfxpublib, and have hope for same from the new @GSPLibrary. (Ideas for @LaurentianLib too!)

Nice starting point for the next @LaurentianLib strategic plan!

Delightful to run into @dpells02 and @pauline_smiles at the @Big_Nickel outdoor show tonight!

@benwerd Hey I was/am! Just renewed too. Ah well, exceptions prove the rule I guess.

@eCampusOntario Are there MARC records for the Ontario collection or should we rely on @BCCampus (

@velovert Oh no, not @Special_ke11 too... :(