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I'm a systems librarian, meaning that I glue together data (preferably open) from lots of different systems (also preferably open).

@pauline_smiles You've got this! Such a nice upgrade :)

@Jan_Ainali It was truly a pleasure to meet & work with you; hope we can do so again! Updates look good :)

~20 mins for @bell tech to install Fibe modem. 42 mins ☎ for Bell support to cancel the $$^ package I never requested.

Hey @olitassoc is there a new home for Inside OLITA? Link from returns a 404 :/

@BrettBuch @aaron_lucs My ad hominem was bad form. Coding is concrete logic and math, and amplifies abilities. Will be for a long time.

Can't add myself to the group (*sniff*) but would be willing to buy...