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I'm a systems librarian, meaning that I glue together data (preferably open) from lots of different systems (also preferably open).

Sent a headshot for @OnLibraryAssoc SC2018 but owe a bio; still getting talks, headshots, & bios for @gdgsudbury

Learned about Shopify's trifecta org model at @ChargedEvent - UX, Product, & Engineering. Tech writers are a "service layer" - 😒

@AvenMcMaster Different services have different authentication caches. I would be surprised if D2L continues. My email is cut off.

*massive sigh*

Laurentian faculty want fair workloads, increased openness, and a positive learning environment.

@poshaughnessy Nothing makes me happier than seeing that my efforts have been useful--thank you!

@tararobertson joining @mozilla for Diversity & Inclusion! Adds to a list of great ppl I know there @lxt @madhava @sandrapersing @auremoser

Suffering bigtime FOMO - cancelled my attendance due to my @lufappul strike prep duties. Have fun y'all!