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@AlbrechtS_H For one 🇩🇪 connection, is a proof-of-concept by @csarven who is finishing his thesis REAL SOON NOW -- based out of Bonn (🔔🔔🔔)

Want to talk about getting 🇨🇦 to walk away from Elsevier too?

@AlbrechtS_H Have thought about it; regularly ?? our rationality. Libraries support OA through repositories ( and OER / journal publishing ( Efforts like @dokieli offer hope for major change.

Thankful for people who go out of their way to make introductions and make great things possible. /cc @csarven

Ran across - another good thing from @acka47 et al at hbz!

Note to @eCampusOntario : you OER efforts / people need to be added :)

Oh hey, I put in 6 hours of work from home before realizing that we actually have today off.

Kicked off the first workday of 2018 by sending out a "Time to plan our 2018-2019 workloads" call to action. Do I know how to party or what?!

@EatPodcast @withknown Hmm. I guess my $ hosted version doesn't have the latest version of the Bridgy plugin then.

Ah @withknown is still truncating at 140 characters :/

Was walking in solidarity with @Local_655 when the news of the rejected offer came in--big whoops of joy! The fight against precarious work and for academic freedom and quality education continues. 🥖🥀🥀

Library & archives peeps: great strategic plans, relevant think pieces (e.g. MIT Future of Libraries) please?