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@Catalogablog I got that backwards! RWO IDs are supposed to be deferenceable and return machine-readable data, so ISNI should go in $0. from 2018-02-15 provides clarification. Also OCLC won't support $1 until 2nd half of 2018(!)

@ranti I have a nice slim Thule Enroute Strut backpack (with integrated bottle opener!) that would fit the bill I think.

No @declan you can't have it.

@Catalogablog (isni)### = $0 (for legacy purposes?), ISNI URI = $1. ISNI URIs sadly don't return machine-readable data for requests like "curl -L -H 'Accept: text/turtle,application/rdf+xml,application/xml,application/json'", so they're RWO IDs.

@AlbrechtS_H I'm curious: was the R workshop open to LU in general? I didn't see anything about it in the LU professional development emails :/

Linkrot is real. Updated a set faculty profile page URLs for people at Brock, Trent, SFU, and McMaster -- all of them broke over the past 3 years with just a 404, no redirect. Only York had 2/3 persistent URIs. Not a good web presence, unis!

@miriamkp Finding the content on a given publisher's "page of obfuscation challenge" is one of Zotero's hidden strengths

Ah! I can help with a free @LetsEncrypt cert and set up the redirects to support HTTPS if you're on a bare Linux VM (I have no XP with hosted platforms though). As I'm sure many more episodes will be rolling out now!

@dbrodbeck Oh sweet! So the @acedtect prodding worked! C'mon podcatcher, do your thing... Update that feed...

@ronnockoch Ah, that's an advantage of running a Linux VM I guess; you get to do anything you want! Downside: you're responsible for everything! :)

@roburwin I guess you just have to go to Mobile World Congress next year? :)