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@IanGibson11 I mean, it's all about open right?

@denials Okay, finally updated :) Thanks again @zuphilip !

@pigsonthewing Right, that's the article that led to my Q to you! "source even more details about the artists you see on our platform" is vague, and I was hoping you might be able to offer more detail

Damn it I want URIs instead of usernames everywhere

@Wikimedia Congratulations @keynote2k! Thanks for all the help with Evergreen over the years. Wikimedia is lucky to have you!

@pigsonthewing Do you know if Songkick is pulling data from Wikidata? Doing some fact-checking about services that pull from WD, and Songkick was mentioned. Can't find anything other than that you helped add SK IDs to WD (which is great!)

I'm really happy to work with @smallison on things like edit-a-thons, and conferences, and now an article (so close to having wrapped a solid first draft!)

@wikidata I'm ready to merge "college library" into "academic library" as the confusion between the classes is only getting worse, per

@sf433 @smallison pointed me at which says ISNI = $1 and claims "work is underway to […] enable content negotiation". Good doc to have—thank you for your part! /cc @catalogablog

@Catalogablog I was thrown off by "machine actionable" in which stated "URIs appearing in $0 should provide access to strictly machine actionable or parseable data from Authority records, SKOS Concepts, and other Record-like entities"